We will help you buy and sell real estate in the UAE.
For living and investing
Direct from the developer
Selecting properties for living and investment
directly from the developer
Properties with high rental income
From 7 to 16 % p.a.
Popular locations
Residential complexes
for families with children
Near schools and kindergartens
Playgrounds and shopping malls
Residential complexes
near the beach
From $300 000
1st and 2nd sea line
Properties with high resale income

From 14 to 28% p.a.

installment plan with down payment from 10%
objects for living and investment
>5 000
Working with us is profitable
Виза резидента
от 204 000$
per year, our clients make money on short-term and long-term rentals
from 7% to 20%
per year our clients earn from reselling property
from 12% to 35%
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RC Dubai Real Estate
our team
We are not only highly qualified experts of financial markets, but also people who care about your safety and emotional comfort.

Thanks to successful transactions not only you grow, but we grow together with you. Therefore, the key priority of our team is to maximize your profit.
real estate broker
experienced brokers join our team
of real estate in the database
from 2011
> 250
> 5 000
We cooperate
with leading developers
Connection of utilities
Different types of insurance
Short-term and long-term leases
Tasks related to the post-sale period
Tasks related to the purchase
Legal support
Accounting support
Financial matters: exchange of funds, currency exchange
Support at all stages of purchase
Selection of real estate according to your request
Processing of all types of visas
Opening of companies
Opening of all types of bank accounts
Our services
By clicking the button "Leave a request" you agree with the rules of personal data processing
and privacy policy.
Get the planning of apartments
I had a request: I wanted to move to Dubai and do a family visa. I must admit that the scale of this venture scared me. RC Dubai fully prepared me for the move, accompanied me through all the difficult stages and helped me to get a visa.
I have to admit that I thought that buying an apartment in the UAE was a lot of work: documents, money transfers, searching for suitable housing, and many pitfalls. I realized that I couldn't do it alone and wrote my request to RC Dubai. I was contacted very quickly and the work began. It turned out that I didn't have to worry about anything at all - I would be accompanied and advised at all stages of the purchase.
A long search for a dream apartment on our own was unsuccessful and we turned to RC Dubai. We are picky people, but surprisingly we found what we needed very quickly.
Without them, it would be a headache. Thank you.
It was easy. Thank you!
Thank you RC Dubai for your thoughtful and empathetic work
RC Dubai seems to have done the impossible: they helped me buy an apartment in Ras El Khaimah, a property next to a casino. There was a huge queue and a complete sell out happened in 10 minutes, I was sure that nothing would happen.
I was looking for an apartment in Dubai Hills. I approached RC Dubai with a single request: "I need an apartment there!". One - and now I have my dream apartment.
When you're not the only one interested in your financial growth, you're destined for success! Thank you RC Dubai for helping me find a really profitable resale home.
Thank you!
RC Dubai you are the best!
Thanks, RC Dubai!
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